5 Local Marketing Tactics For Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, hospital you may be giving an inordinate amount of attention to social media and other modern marketing strategies to gain new customers. However, capsule you may be overlooking the power of local marketing – an excellent marketing tool to extend business reach and increase profitability.

The biggest example of the success of local marketing comes from China. Most successful Chinese companies like Tencent Technologies first gained momentum in the local market before going international, online and they’re now considered among the best in their industry.Marketing and strategy

Effective ways to market your small business on local scale

1.  Postcards

While most small business owners would prefer high-tech marketing methods, they aren’t the only way to promote your business. Some low cost promotional tools can be just as effective (perhaps even more effective) for gaining new customers and promoting the brand.

Postcards can be a powerful marketing tool for small businesses. For example, an individual who’s in the dentistry profession can utilize dentist postcards to get the business some word-of-mouth buzz in the local area. Postcards are easier to glance at compared to opening an envelope, can be customized in any size, gloss or color and have less competition. They can be ideal to differentiate your business from others.

2.  Host a local event

You don’t need to open the internet every time you’re looking to expand and build business relationships. There are several local small businesses who’ll be offering what you need, and who’ll be interested in what you’ve to offer.  A local event can be a great way for networking and discovering about others.

Hosting events doesn’t have to be expensive. You can simply book a local hotel conference room for few hours or even host the event in local space. Another option is to host local events in conjunction with NGOs, which is also a great way to promote your business as a socially responsible one.

3.  Search for a local welcome vehicle

Your local area may have a welcome vehicle such as a wagon service that collect information from small businesses and deliver them to homeowners. You can search for such a vehicle and get information about your business on the list.

This can also be a great way for generating leads because sometimes welcome vehicles ask homeowners to sign up for email alerts.

4.  Go live on air

A lot of businesses rely on radio stations to promote their products and services. Teaming up with the radio station is a great idea to get active listeners to know about your business. You can even announce a contest or giveaway to generate greater interest. On air exposure may even get your business listed on the station’s webpage.

Local radio marketing is cost effective can reach people who’re driving, at the gym or out shopping. You may also be able to target a particular demographic of audience as stations are usually aware of the interests of listeners.

5.  Start giving classes

You may not be good at teaching, but you’re likely to be good at your business. You and your employees can start giving local classes (teaching students about how the industry your business is in works, how to get into this business etc.).

You may feel as you’re preparing more competition, but the bigger picture is that your business will become the go-to resource in your industry.

Do you rely on local marketing for business promotion? Do you find these tips helpful? Feel free to share your thoughts.


Marketing and strategy

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