Inexpensive Solutions for Marketing

With the consumer world turning to the internet for just about everything, it’s important for companies, both large and small, to maintain a web presence. Understanding how to create a website is the first step, but you will also need to maintain your website, build a blog and use a few other marketing methods to increase your online presence. Here are a few quick tips to help with your website build and marketing.

Building and Maintaining Your Website


If you don’t already have knowledge of web design or you just don’t have the time, you can outsource the actual website build to a professional design. You want to do your research first, so that you understand all the possibilities. Your web designer can set your site up on an easy to use content management system, such as WordPress. This will make it very easy to manage your site and create a blog.


Your actual website needs a homepage, about, contact and other pages for any services or products you offer. These shouldn’t change much, but your blog should. The best way to create your blog is with a page on the same domain as your website. The link will look like this:


The blog will give you the ability to post regular information about your company, any current sales or discounts, the industry or anything you want. With up-to-date information, you can not only attract more visitors, but also keep them coming back often.


Marketing Your Site


You don’t need a large budget to properly market your website. With your blog, you will gain the opportunity for visitors to share your posts on social networks and all over the internet. This type of marketing is very powerful and as long as you post high quality content, on your blog, visitors will share your posts. You can also share your own posts on social network sites, such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.


Using content is a very cheap way to market your website and create authority in your industry at the same time. Even if you’re not a good writer, you can hire someone to write for you. One of the best ways to use content and gain a large amount of visitors to your website is through guest blogging. Just write (or hire someone to write) a guest article and contact a high traffic blog, in your industry. If they use the post, you will get to put a link back to your site in the resource box, which can lead to a large amount of traffic.


Another very productive method to help your company stay connected with customers and continually market to them is to build a list. You can give away a simple free gift, such as a free digital report or something downloadable, if a visitor subscribes to your newsletter. This method of marketing is very cheap and you can use an autoresponder to stay in touch with your subscribers, announce sales or even launch a new product.


Just putting your company name on a website won’t bring in new clients, but a professionally designed site with the right marketing will. If your company can’t be found online, even if your products don’t sell well online, you could be losing customers. Investing in a website will give you another way to connect with potential customers and you can easily maintain and marketing your site without spending much cash.


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