How to Market A Startup Company

by Jenna Smith

Many things are involved when you start a business, advice especially if you plan to achieve the ultimate success that others have. Someday information written about you may read like the Forbes profile of Charles Phillips. But before you reach that level you will have to take care of the details related to starting your company. Besides basics like choosing a company name you will also need to find ways to get the word out about your business. 

Whether you have a physical storefront or your business is based online, hospital it is best to include both offline and online marketing. The more methods you use the more people you can potentially make aware of your business. Decisions about which marketing methods will be used should be based on your target market and your budget. The goal should be to reach an interested audience without blowing your budget.

Getting Started With Online Marketing

A little research will help you find numerous online directories. These listings are great places to add information about your company. Ensure that you select the best-suited category. Include your business name and a bit of information about the services or products you can provide. Be sure to include the URL of your business.

With a little effort you can find various online forums and community sites that your target audience is likely to visit. Members of such sites can create a profile. In many cases you can add you business information, including the name, description, web address, and contact information. Get involved in discussions; make informative posts and ask questions.

Social networking sites are also great places to promote your business, and besides being free, this method is easy. Just post updates and announcements that will make others aware of what your company has to offer.

Informative articles, blog posts, and press releases are also wonderful ways to spread the word about your business. When done correctly this can set you up as an expert in your field. Every post added to your blog will potentially increase the traffic to your site, which means you will have increased opportunities to make sales.

Offline Marketing

Simple brochures, handouts, and business cards are inexpensive ways to promote your business in the offline world. Some related businesses that target the same or similar audience may allow you to leave printed material in the store, lobby, or office.

Becoming an active member in professional associations for your industry is a fabulous way to network and spread the word about your business. You may also want to consider placing print ads or even sending out post cards and coupons.


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