Recognizing When It’s Time to Get a Web Server

By Jenna Smith

Businesses need websites and web services for customers. Nearly 20 years ago, the Internet came into widespread use, and businesses could get away with not having an online presence. Those days are now gone. As they did then, free website services still exist for businesses and individuals to use. However, there comes a point when a business needs to purchase a web server.

Free Service Limitations

Most free website services are only for personal use, but there are a few for business use. They usually come with two limitations: ads and data restrictions. For blogs, online publications, periodicals and other writing-related businesses, ads are almost expected. However, if your business isn’t one that usually displays ads as a part of the online presence, there comes a time when they detract from your overall appeal.

Data restrictions are a worse than ads in some ways. Data restrictions usually come in the form of caps on bandwidth, which translates into the amount of people who can look at your site, download content and otherwise interact with your business online. The more people start visiting your site, the more you need increased bandwidth to accommodate them. Not only do free services tend to cap the amount of data you can send and receive each month, they often put your site on a slower connection. That means that your website will load slowly for visitors.

Free Your Business with a Web Server

Slow websites tend to make visitors find another business that offers the same or similar services. A free website service can actually impede your business’ growth because of slow connections! In addition to extremely limited bandwidth, free services also provide very little in the way of space for files and limited email capabilities. As your business expands, your website will too, and you will need more email addresses.

Web servers like the ones available at can help a business expand its online presence with various packages and encourage growth. Transfer your small business website to a hosting package, and upgrade to a web server later on. The cost is low for a small business, but your site will have faster speeds for visitors, more space for expansion with no downtime and more email capability.

Even though free services seem like a good deal at first, most individuals grow out of them within a month or two. Businesses outgrow them even faster. Choose a web server option that fits your needs and your business will likely expand exponentially.

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