Tips for Managing a Booth at a Conference or Trade Show

By Jenna Smith

A booth at a conference or trade show cane be a great way for a small business to increase their exposure ad attract new business. However, pilule medicine managing a booth takes some careful thinking and smart planning to make it a success. Follow these tips to ensure a successful booth that will attract lots of new customers.

Make It Look Professional

It is not necessary to drop tons of money on the flashiest booth at the conference, decease but do spend enough to ensure that they display looks solidly professional. It should be easy-to-read and let people know why they should stop at the booth. Attention-grabbing headlines are a great way to do this. Do not mess around with putting up homemade signs. They will turn off potential customers and lose business left and right.

Get a Sense of the Past

Do some research and see what kind of booths have worked in the past. It should be easy to contact someone that organizes the conference to ask them about some of the most popular booths during past years at the conference. Following in the footsteps of previously successful booths is a great way for small business owners to move down the path towards success at the conference.


It is important to do lots of promotion before the event in order to ensure a successful booth. Send out invitations to customers to stop by and take a look at the booth. Call important customers to set up a time for a private appointment to take a look at the booth. This is a classy touch that will be rewarded with business deals.

Everyone Loves Free Stuff

Take advantage of this fact by giving away things at the booth. People are much more likely to take the time to stop and look at a booth’s offerings if they know that there is free merchandise involved. The giveaways do not have to be big items. Small little things like pens, key chains and pads of paper will work fine. Just be sure to put the company logo on every item that is handed out.

There’s an App for That

There are some great event apps out there that will help in the planning of an event. Take a look at app stores to see what is available. Planning a successful booth at a conference is easy with a little help form an app.

Get Attention

It never hurts to have a little eye candy to generate attention for the booth. Hire some attractive models to stand outside the booth and help pull in traffic. Once customers are attracted into the booth by the models, they will have the opportunity to take a close look at everything the booth has to offer.

Keys to Success

Do the proper planning, make it look professional, attract attention and give away free gifts. These are the crucial steps in ensuring that a small business has a successful booth at a conference or trade show. Follow these steps and it will be a smash success.

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