What is Internet Reputation Management and Why Do I Need It

by Jenna Smith

Online reputation management is the new online marketing trend and there is good reason for it. This is a method of preventing a bad review or comment from affecting your online reputation.

Why is a Business Online Reputation So Important?

Social media websites changed the way people saw the Internet. It made it possible for anyone to write, comment or review anything. In some ways, this has damaged many people, as this information can often influence the way others think of the person or business being talked about – even if the posted information isn’t true.

What is internet reputation management?

As a business, you should work at making sure positive reviews, and information is posted about your business to compensate for any negative information posted there. So if negative information is ever posted it won’t be so damaging. That’s where professional internet reputation management services come in to play. This type of service ensures there is more favorable information on the web when your company is Google’d than unfavorable.

How can a Negative Online Review Damage my Reputation?

Studies by online marketing experts show that most people review or look up a company online when thinking of using their services or purchasing their products. However, when researching a company and only finding negative information, these same studies show that about 50% of potential buyers have a change of heart after reading such reviews.


To prevent the above scenario from happening, businesses prefer to implement online reputation management procedures to create a positive reputation. The online reputation management team will implement several simultaneous tasks. These tasks work much like SEO tasks, but instead of placing your website in an easy to find position on the search engines, an ORM expert places favorable information about you that is easily accessible by readers.

Services a reliable online reputation management (ORM) handles for you. While the tasks will vary depending on the information already available online, most incude:

– Forum posting to improve our credibility and establish your company as a reliable source of industry information

– The right ORM company will run contests and surveys to get your previously satisfied customers to post positive reviews on your website and other review sites, as well as social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

– Social media management – by posting comments, answering people’s questions and offering up industry related links the ORM company can help cement your favorable online reputation.

While these are not difficult tasks they do take time, and sometimes you are just too busy with other tasks that are important to the operations of your business. But important ORM tasks also take persistent work, so hiring a professional company to do the job for you.


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