It’s Not Too Late to Take Advantage of Social Media for Your Business

By Jenna Smith

As a small business with huge hopes of expansion, one of the biggest mistakes that could be made is to not utilize social media opportunities that are made available. Creative content is being used to attract new customers and retain ones that have been loyal up to this date by staying up-to-date with the times in terms of internet marketing. 

This is the new form of communication between companies and their consumers. Just about every credible and noteworthy business article or website have solid and convenient links to social media content. The public, and other businesses alike, are interested in what a company and the owners have to say about themselves in this new and current format of business.

Social Media as a Tool

Most all businesses are aware of how important search engines were to advertise their products or services, but the times are changing even more. Up to last year, Google was the most heavily-trafficked site on the internet, with staggering amounts of every day users. However, by the end of that same year, Facebook surpassed the model search engine to claim the role as number one in that realm. Considering it was thought of by many as just another social media networking site, this was impressive, to say the least.

Why? How? Herein lies a crucial lesson for business owners. People – anyone from students to CEO’s – want to be in on the current happenings of companies and people. The strong and capable businesses of tomorrow will be those on the forefront of using social media in marketing. One of the main reasons that Facebook became number one was that it provided new ways to interact with everyone that viewed the content, content made by a business or individual.

The point is that using social media to allow for viral marketing is an absolute must in today’s world. Providing your consumers with a popular, accessible, and easy way to see snippets and small blurbs about your progress will not only incline them to stay loyal to your company, but it also encourages further exposure outside the walls of your company and into conversations, blogs, and other social media mediums.

Never before have companies had the ability to relate to potential and existing companies by gaining feedback on special promotions, products, and general changes to how the business develops before costly changes have been made.

Blogging as a Virtual Handshake

One important use of a company’s blog site is to incorporate the use of affiliates by allowing them to advertise on your blog. Often times this can be an equal trade off for links on their site as well. Over time, a well-developed network between your company and the ones that can assist you in your endeavors will combine into a money making machine of its own.

The best part is, this is nothing new. Business owners today face the same challenges and obstacles as businessmen back in the 20th century faced, but now we have far better ways of building relationships and lasting connections over the internet. Using social media to grow your company is key.

Do not simply wait for growth with the idea that your product or service will stand on its own. Your competitors are already ahead of you if you have not started to use these new tools for marketing and interacting as you should be. Companies from a diverse set of backgrounds, anywhere from car insurance to fitness centers, and even companies like CTAerospace Engines now have a Facebook pages and social media outlets in efforts to connect with their consumer base on a current, popular level.


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