You’re building the best market research database for small businesses.

Your decision to participate in shows just how savvy a business owner you are. We are inviting business owners like you to register and become a part of our small business owners panel.

Painless answers to burning questions

You probably have “gut feelings” about many important business questions like what works best when marketing a small business or what CRM software yields the highest repeat business. Wouldn’t it be great if you could see what your business owner peers think about these same questions?

We’ll send you simple surveys (I promise they’re super quick…less than 30 seconds to complete) and give you instant access to the data. The more surveys you participate in, no rx the more data you have access to.

What do I do now?

  1. Register. You can start making marketing survey history by signing up and it doesn’t get any easier than using your FaceBook or LinkedIn account. Set up your user name and password and we’ll send you a confirmation email that you are registered as a panelist.
  1. Fill out your profile. Head over to the “profile” page followed by the “my surveys” tab. In My Surveys we’ll ask you to fill out a few  quick data forms (shouldn’t take more than 2 to 3 minutes. That’s it…you’ve made your contribution to what’s going to be the premiere resource for small business data.

  1. Get data. As soon as you complete any of the surveys, health you’ll get a spotlight report of how other business
    owners answered those same questions.

But before you start….

We just want to say thank you and the best way we could figure to do that is to give you a little “something “ or your efforts. For every survey you fill out you can score Amazon or iTunes points that you can redeem for great stuff. OK you’re not going to be able to retire on Amazon points, order it’s just our way of saying thanks. Now get going and hit that sign up page.


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