A Lesson in Patience and Customer Service From Host Gator

You haven’t seen anything new on Strategy Stew because I had been moving the site from one server to another.  It’s usually an easy thing to do – except that this time — everyone could see the sites except for me.  I couldn’t see the sites, I couldn’t log in and I couldn’t do anything.

This was a technical issue that no one had really seen or pinpointed.  And the resolution didn’t come from some amazing technical tool  — it came from collaborative problem solving and open listening.

The HostGator customer service team must have some amazing human relations training in addition to the standard technical smarts that come with the job.

These people never stopped listening to what I was saying.  They didn’t try to get me off the chat.  They didn’t try to put the problem on someone else — other than to check every avenue for a solution.  When we were at our wits end trying to figure out what the problem was – Charles could have gotten me off the chat by saying — “I don’t know, you are on your own, it’s not my problem – it looks good from here” — and any number of things.  He never did that,

Instead, he let me go through the case and narrow down the different failure modes and he and I went back and forth from the beginning.  We induced.  We deduced and then he said — ok – go to the site now.  And AMAZINGLY – it was there and looked fine.

If he had rushed me off or put me off to someone else — we wouldn’t have gone through that reviewing and debriefing chat where we went through the logic of it together.  If he hadn’t listened – HE wouldn’t have figured out the problem. The problem could have only been solved by going through the discussion we had — and he had the patience to do that.

Don’t Just Train Customer Service to Solve Problems – Train Them to Listen

It seems to me that HostGator has either figured out a formula to hire amazing listeners or they have a heck of a customer service training program.

Don’t skimp on customer service human relations and listening training  – it can make all the difference to your business.  I assure you that if HostGator’s customer service people were anything less than what I had experienced – I would have moved IMMEDIATELY.

HostGator has shown me that there is so much more to web hosting than moving files virtually – there is a human component that is sometimes even more important.

I don’t know yet about the quality of hosting my sites with HostGator — but I can tell you that their customer service has won me over.

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