Do You Have a Mindset for Winning in Any Economy?


In today’s Parade Magazine, they featured five people who had turned their lost jobs into better career opportunities.  As I read through each story, something really jumped out at me; their mindset about losing their jobs.  In each case, the person perceived their job loss as a career opportunity.  As a result, they found a more satisfying (and often better paying) alternative.  Not every person made more money in their new career, but they certainly seemed to perceive more value and satisfaction from the change.

This made me wonder how our mindset about losing a customer might effect the overall revenue to our business.  It might depend on how you perceive that loss.  Of course the immediate loss of a customer can be perceived as a loss of revenue.  More specifically speaking, it’s ONLY the loss  of revenue from THAT customer.  One of the joys of being in business is that loss of revenue from one customer can mean replacement revenue from abother NEW customer, or the increase in revenue from an exisitng customer.  It’s all about your mindset and what you make your circumstance mean.

All that’s really happened is that you lost one customer and one revenue stream.  You can make that mean several things;

  1. Now you have more free time to pursure and service better customers for more money
  2. You are a screwup and can’t do anything right – now let’s see which other customer will jump ship next.

I’m being a little extreme here, but I think you get my point.  Scenario #1 isn’t even being overly optimistic.  It’s what the five people in the Parade article did.  They saw the loss as an opportunity to bring something into their lives for which there was NO ROOM previously because they were busy with their jobs.

Scenario #2 is just as likely.  In fact, there are millions of people subscribing to scenario #2 because it’s easier.  In fact, you can just eliminate any responsibility for trying because so many other people are going through the same thing.

The wonderful opportunity I saw in the mindset of our five heroes in the Parade article was that they decided that doing something more fulfilling and fun was worth the try.  They replaced their old income (maybe not all, but at least some – and in some cases, exceeded it).

In what areas of your business and your life do YOU see opportunity – now that you’re future has been freed up?


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