Companies Who Dove into the Social Media Marketing Trend

I did not intend for this blog to be focused on social media marketing.  Yet, I find myself engrosed by the conversation of how companies and marketers can, shoould, or should not be using a social media marketing strategy.

Just today, I’ve run into two posts/articles on the subject that I’d want to share with you.

Mack Collier from Viral Garden – Mack actually has two posts on the subject recently.  The first is about Dell and how Dell has finally learned to work with the market reality that is blogging and social media.  Dell has gone from treating this audience with disdain, to acknowledging the value or communication power and influence that they have.  The second post you’ll have to pay for to read, but the clip that Mack offers on his blog about the power of giving things away is great fodder for my comments here.

Gift If you understand the net worth of your customer — that is the profit that you keep after each transaction, you would be happy to freely give products and services away no questions asked. Let me be clear here.  I’m not talking about two-for-one.  I’m not talking about $30 off with a purchase of over $100.  I’m talking about the equivalent of a gift certificate.  If you don’t spend the amount of the certificate, we give you change back.  But how many people actually have the guts to do this?  Not many.  And I think that’s crazy because when was the last time you didn’t spend your gift certificate and then some?

I’m forever saying that the dollar amount that is your customer net worth is literally the amount of money you can afford to spend to PURCHASE another customer just like that one.  This strategy isn’t used very often, and when it is used, it’s usually by small retail businesses like restaurants and shops. 

Social Media gives us the opportunity to build strong, loyal relationships with our customers.  That means that gifts lavished on them – is money invested in building loyalty, relationship and profit. 

Patrick Shaber from Lonely Marketer – The FeBreeze brand is working its way into a new target market as well.  If you think about the commercials they show on TV, they are targeting homeowners, primarily adults.  But on Facebook, they are targeting college kids.  If you just reflect on your college days, the logic is intuitively obvious.  If you read some of the comments on Patrick’s site, you’ll notice that FeBreeze still has a bit of work to do.  But the most important thing is the be out there and connect with your target market.

Drew McLellan from The Marketing Minute – There’s a great discussion going on over at Marketing Minute about "Aging-out."  A bunch of marketing professionals (me included) are commenting on a deep seeded fear of becoming dinosaurs.  Are we missing the trends?  Are we staying on top of things the way we need to?  Can we be "chosen" as a marketing resource over some "with-it" twenty-something?  I say the answer is a resounding yes.  See what the rest are saying.

I say that "mature marketers" (I can’t believe I actually have to call myself this!) but mature marketers that stay current and engaged and enthusiastic about new technology and trends and how to use them to get our brands chosen have something that youth doesn’t always offer — discernment.

Discernment is this wonderful combination of wisdom, experience and practical know-how that we’ve earned with hard work and more than our share of mistakes.

So, I say, long live marketers with enthusuasmm, curiosity and a love for their customers and craft.

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